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TerminalOne Marketing Operating System APIs

MediaMath’s comprehensive APIs empower users of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ to programmatically access and modify their campaigns, reports, and log data.

Execution and Management API Documentation — View, create, and update all campaign-related entities in TerminalOne using our REST API.
View our historical documentation for the API, as we move to a new OAS standard. 

Data Management Platform (Adaptive Segments)Construct audience profiles using existing event pixel and campaign impression and click data without needing to place additional tags on your site.

Reports API — A simple and flexible way to access human- and machine-readable reports about the entities available in TerminalOne.

Bid Opportunity Firehose — The Bid Opportunity Firehose (BOF) provides clients with a real-time streaming feed of a large fraction of the bid opportunities (a.k.a. bid requests) MediaMath receives. 

Log Level Data Service The Log-level Data Service (Logs Service) enables advertisers to access the raw, event-level data generated through the TerminalOne platform in a tool-agnostic way.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Mediamath also provides SDKs to engineering teams who wish to intergrate with the T1 Marketing Platform.

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